Read before creating a track
  • Verify that the track that you wish to create does not already exist on Trace de Trail.
  • Do not be surprised if your track is renamed; we do this to guarantee a web-site which is both homogenous and of quality.
  • You are a competition organiser : purchase a premium or premium+ subscription to add the “official route” label to your track.

If in doubt, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact : we will not fail to answer you !

Here are several rules to respect when naming your route correctly.

For training tracks :

  • Use geographical characteristics, for example the peaks, passes, villages through which your track passes. Separate the different places with a dash. For example: " Wood of the Corner - Bellevue Pass - Castle of the Trailer".
  • Do not specify the distance in the name of your track (this information is already available elsewhere), except to identify the race from a competition.
  • Don't put any information related to the outing you may have done (duration of the route, weather...); on the other hand, think about adding a chrono on your track, explaining the conditions you encountered!
  • Do not mention the start and finish villages if they are already mentioned in the characteristics of your track.
  • Use capital letters correctly (first letter of a word)

For competitions :

  • Use the name of the competition, the year it was organized and the name of the race and/or the distance, for example "My Super Event 2019 - Expert Course".
  • For a given edition, leave in public only a single track for the same race of a competition.
  • Only use the Official Route label for a competition for which you are the organizer: this label must offer a guarantee to users. ONLY ATTRIBUTE IT TO ONE TRACK PER RACE!

Please respect these rules as much as possible, otherwise your track may be classified as private or deleted if your private track quota is reached.

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