Search a track
To search for a track on Trace de Trail, you have several choices.
On the homepage of the site, a map shows the last 30 validated tracks. When you move your cursor over a marker, a tooltip appears and allows you to open the track page.
You also have a button to search for tracks around your current location and a multi-criteria search field.
  • If you click on the button Search a track around me, you open the Trace de Trail main search page with filters that allow you to view all tracks within 25 km of your current location. You must allow Trail Trail to get your location.
  • In the search field, you can enter the first letters of a search word: a drop-down list will propose you a list of results according to the name of the tracks, the name of the author, the location ...
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    Organization of the search page

    The search page offers many filters to find THE track.

    This page contains a map, a track list, and a block with filters that is hidden by default.

    Move your cursor over the list of tracks to display the location of each track on the map and click on the gray marker to zoom on a track.


    In the list, some tracks are highlighted with a photo : if you want your track to appear in the same way, you just add a photo (landscape format) on a trace of quality (with enough points) and have completed the track !

    Search options

    The options allow you to set the parameters :

    • The number of filtered tracks : by default it is limited to 500 to decrease the loading time of the page.
    • If you zoom on the map to your starting location without adding a geographic filter, you may have very few tracks

    • the link between the list of tracks and the map : if you limit the list to the tracks displayed on the map, the list will be refreshed automatically when you zoom on the map
    • the order and the field used to sort the tracks returned by the search.
    Standard filters

    You have many filters to limit the number of tracks returned. These filters use the values associated with your tracks:

    • distance
    • ascent and descent
    • longest ascent and descent
    • number of ITRA points

    You also have qualitative filters, such as :

    • average distance between points : partially excludes traces of poor quality
    • only loops : excludes tracks whose starting and ending points are more than one kilometer away
    • with at least one chrono : excludes tracks without chrono
    • type of route (competition, training ...)

    To refresh the list and apply your filters, use the green Validate button. The Reset button disables all filters.

    Custom filters

    For custom filters, you can add your own filter values using the + buttons. These values will then be saved on your computer and you can choose whether to enable them or not, such as standard filters.

    Here are the filters for which you can add your own values :

    • the starting locations : by default the only value available is My Location, but you can search for other places and add them to the filter
    • the name of the track : ajoutez quelques caractères qui doivent être contenus dans le nom
    • the starting country
    • the author of the track : enter the first letters and a list of users will be proposed

    The Reset button disables the custom filters, but does not remove them: double-click the custom filter to remove it !

    Use this calendar to find your next race in France or abroad!


    You can filter the competitions by country and by department (France only).

    For each calendar date's box, you will find

    • des événements : they group several races
    • the number of official competitions in blue
    • the number of competitions evaluated by ITRA in green
    • the other competitions in grey

    Organizers, events allow you to highlight your event in the calendar!

    You can click on the the calendar date's box to display all the details of events and the competitions lists.

    The creation of an event is reserved for Premium or Premium + subscribers (below the calendar). A new event must be validated by an administrator of Trace de Trail before being public.

    All your tracks created on Trace del Trace are available in our mobile app Trail Connect (and vice versa). So you can also use Trail Connect to search for a track.

    The Trail Connect search screen is very similar to the Trace de Trace search screen; it consists of a list and a filter module.

    Note these few differences :

    • to remove a custom filter, simply swipe on the filter
    • you can pin a track on the home screen with a long press on a track
    • you have a filter to display your saved workouts in Trail Connect but not yet uploaded to Trace de Trail

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